Participate by sharing your thoughts and stories about immigration and borders, learning more about how we’re treating immigrants, and doing what you can to help.

During the 40-day pilgrimage, many people also participated by walking with Joel Tauber, playing catch with him, and by sharing their stories.

Some of the people that Tauber met on his pilgrimage include: Abraham Fosce, Alam Martinez, Albert Williams, Alex Vera, Amanda Yew, Azor Adame, Blass Montiel, Brigitte Kuo, Carlos David Villa, Carlos Luan Garcia, Christian Murquez, Christina Valentine, Cruz Manuel A Llanos Flores, Daniel Angeles A, David G Real, Diego Jordán, Estella Vargas, Francisco Mendoza, Fred Wu, Georg Pallawch, Grant Miller, Guadalupe Pasillas, Guillermo Cabanellas, Gustavo Rene Gomez, Hannah Kim Varamini, Héctor R González Cuéllar, Henrique Torres, Humberto Garcias, Humberto Velázquez Villalvazo, Indira Briseno, Isai Mota, Javio Corona, Jill Kirby, Judith Atamirano, Kevin Almanza, Leta Ming, Luigi Rivera, Madhu Pocha, Maggie Gonzalez, Marco A. Arreola, Maria Miranda, Mark Bemesderfer, Michael O’Connor, Michal Sopor, Molly Knight, Noberto Diaz, Rosemary and Angelina Olmedo, Rosemary Olmedo Jr, Sandy Novak, Sinjun Balabanoff, Terry Spears, Tom Morrison, Uriel Vicona Guzman, Xavier Martinez, Betty Rothman and Deanna Lynne Horton.