The movie Border-Ball chronicles Joel Tauber’s 40-day pilgrimage along the U.S. - Mexico border and shares stories of people he meets along the way.

The movie Border-Ball chronicles Joel Tauber’s 40-day pilgrimage along the U.S. – Mexico border. He walks, repeatedly, from the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, along the Border Wall, to the Otay Mesa Detention Center—and back. People share their thoughts and stories, and Tauber wonders how we can be so cruel to so many immigrants and refugees. They play catch. They hug. Sometimes they even laugh, despite it all. And Tauber continues walking, praying that things will change.

“Best Inspirational Film”, 2021 Nawada International Film Festival (Nawada, India); “Best Experimental Documentary”, 2021 Cambio International Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey); “Best Experimental Film”, April 2021 Indie Movies Spark Film Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands); “Best Social Justice Film”, March 2021 Vienna Indie Film Festival (Vienna, Austria); “Best Experimental Short”, December 2020 Pure Magic International Film Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

Upcoming screenings: June 13 online at the Indian Star International Short Film Festival; June 25 at the Santhal Pargana International Film Festival in Bompass Town, India; August 7 online at the Silver Screen Short Film Awards; and Oct 30 at the SSFP Film Festival in Ghaziabad, India.

Previous screenings: ArtCenter DTLA (Los Angeles, CA, USA, online, Oct 17-18, 2020 and Jan 15-16, 2021), a/perture cinema (Winston-Salem, NC, USA, online, Oct 20 – Nov 5, 2020), Big Apple Film Festival (New York, NY, USA, online, Nov 13-15, 2020), Cambio International Film Festival (Istanbul, Turkey, online, Feb 25, 2021), Kalakari Film Festival (Dewas, India, online, May 2, 2021), Nawada International Film Festival (Nawada, India, online, May 9, 2021), Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (Carmarthen Bay, UK, online, May 20, 2021), 7Colours International Film Festival (Pune, India, June 4, 2021).

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Movie specs: 20 minutes. 3840x2160p. 23.976 fps. color. stereo or 5.1 surround sound.

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