Recent Awards For Border-Ball

I’m grateful for all the awards that Border-Ball has won, including these recent ones: “Best Story” at the 2021 Gully International Film Festival (Nawada, India), “Best Documentary Experimental” at the November 2021 Hollywood On The Tiber Film Awards (Rome, Italy), “Best Documentary” and “Best Documentary Director”at the November 2021 Gralha International Monthly Film Awards (Curtiba, Brazil), “Best Human Rights Film” at the October – November 2021 Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival (UK), “Best Short Documentary” at the October 2021 V.i.Z. Film Fest (Bulgaria), “Best Cinematography” and “Best Color Editing” at the October 2021 Masters Of Cinema International Film Festival (Moscow, Russia), and “Best Cinematography, Short Documentary” and “Best Soundtrack, Short Documentary” at the October 2021 Latin America Film Awards (Rio, Brazil). Many thanks to all the film festivals!

Author: Joel Tauber

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Wake Forest University Associate Professor.

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